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For each of the elements, drag it onto your screen and answer the following questions: What values does it record? (e.g. True/False, numbers). If numeric, what is the max/min value?

A.Element | B.Default Event | C.Records | D.Data type | E.Max/Min |
A.Dropdown Menu B.On Change C.Choice of Options D.string E.N/A
A.Text Input B.On Change C.Text Inputted D.String E.N/A
A.Label B.Click C.Clicks D.String E.N/A
A.Button B.Click C.Clicks on Button D. String E. N/A
A.Radio Button B.On Change C. Clicks on Button D. String E.N/A
A. Checkbox B.On Change C. Clicks on Checkbox D. String E. N/A
A.Image B.Click C.Clicks on Image D. String E. N/A
A.Canvas B.Click C. Clicks on Canvas D. string E. N/a
A.Screen B.Click, Key C. Clicks on screen/keys pressed D. String E. N/A
A. Text area B. Change C. Keys Pressed with characters D. String E. N/A
A.Chart B.Drawchart, drawchartfromrecords C.data inputted into chart D.String E. N/A
A.Slider B.Input C. data from slider movement D. String E. N/A

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This app is the first mobile lab app I made

This app has a canvas that you can draw on

This app I made is a whack-a-mole type game

Mobile Calculater lab

1.What variables are being used?

Variables are being used to store data & strings that are inputted. These variables are then used to add and subtract & divide & multiply the inputted data to equal a number.

var inputOne = ""; var inputTwo = ""; var firstInput = true; var operation = ""; var calcText = ""; var value1 = parseInt(inputOne); var value2 = parseInt(inputTwo); var result; var finalCalcText = getText("calculatorScreen") + " = " + result;

2.How does “parseInt()” help with the code? “parseint()” is used to evaluate a variable, which contains a string which was inputted by the user.

3.What events are already specified? What needs to be added? The addition button, 1 button, 2 button, equals button and clear buttons are all events that have been specified. Numbers 0, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, need to be added as well as the subtraction button and division and multiply buttons.